Your centrifugal pump has failed!?

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Costs of several thousand euros?

Loss of production?

emergency response?

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Let's prevent this:

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Problems, always problems...

Does your centrifugal pump fail more than once a year, incurring costs of up to $15,000 per occurrence?

It happens all the time; your machine fails and a seal is to blame. Leaks as far as the eye can see.

Aggravating! 🥵 The system is at a standstill and on top of all the stress comes the high repair costs.

How do I explain this to a manager!?

To prevent these situations you have to understand the system, look at the big picture and evaluate all the details. These often provides a good indication of the cause. 👍

Don't give up! Look, understand and make improvements. 😉


Understandable. Transparent.

Good advice pays off.

Benjamin Wessling

Graduate engineer (FH)

Your independent consultant for sealing technology

"We were able to double the running time and thereby save 20% of the maintenance costs. It's not just the engineer who's happy!"

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My greatest passion is interacting with people. It is my greatest pleasure to communicate with people, simplify their work life, and help them improve their understanding of sealing technology.

Communication is the key to success!

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contract management


training and awareness for sealing systems

advice on service contracts

RCA - root cause analysis

Creation of expert opinions

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customer references

"Finally our mechanical seal works the way we imagined it would."

— Lukas Möller (OEM)

Martin S. (oil and gas industry)

“Benjamin is very professional and working with him is easy. His knowledge is exceptional.We were able to double the MTBR”

Ferenc F. (Petrochemistry)

"Benjamin knows what he's doing. He has helped our company to develop further. This enabled us to reduce maintenance costs by 20%.”


Max-Reger-Str. 6

82335 Berg

+49 (0) 176 13423996

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"That sounds really interesting. Let's talk."

In the first step I would like to get to know you and your situation and then we will go straight into the topic.

ask questions

get answers

It is very important to me that the appointment offers added value. That's all!

I'm looking forward to the exchange!

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Technology and service have always been important to me. Since 2005, I have gathered valuable knowledge about mechanical seal systems during my career at well-known and global manufacturers. During this time, I was able to develop strong relationships with customers and offer solutions to their challenges based on my experience.

You receive these added values with each cooperation.

Benjamin Wessling